What happens when you wake up in Vegas

How are you? Reading anything good?

Before Thanksgiving, I returned from a writing conference in Las Vegas. It was a long week, and I had a blast. If you’re a writer interested in both the craft and the publishing side of writing, check out the 20Booksto50k conference.

I did tarot readings as a way to meet other writers which led to some fun banter and new friends. It got me a dinner invite and a free drink so networking success achieved. One author called my reading creepy accurate. I was pretty flattered, considering that half of my intuition was pulling ideas from my ass.
Late night chats in the lobby bar spurred as many insights for me as the conference sessions.  I collected ideas from people watching in the casinos and stray conversations with strangers in hallways. How and when will these seeds of inspiration bloom?

After my first 20Books con, I had the idea of an alchemy academy hiding behind a casino’s facade. That became the basis behind Witch on the Run.

I went to the RAVE Book Fair in Vegas too and self appointed myself as the official urban fantasy fangirl for the event. You can find my pictures at my Facebook page here where I tried to find as many QR codes for free and discounted books as I could for you. Comment when you see the book table that isn’t like the others. The tentacles might give it away… 

In my readers’ Facebook group, I made a call to see the furry, scaly, or feathered friends of my readers. Show off your pets here. I’d love to see your animal babies!
Until next time, stay well, gentle readers! <3
Cheers, Sami
Reads to Sink Your Fangs Into
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Witch Gone Viral (Book 3)
Witch on the Run (Book 4)
Small Town Witch (Book 5)
Witch in Time (Book 6)
Black Market Witch (Book 7)
Payback’s A Witch (Book 8)
Prison Witch (Book 9)


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