Newsletter #5: Under A Halloween Moon

Kristoff Novak hasn’t always been a notorious master vampire. He once was a man in love.

A piercing train whistle reverberated off the platform and broke Kristoff from his reverie. The steam from the locomotives obscured the new group of passengers disembarking onto the open-air platform.

Kristoff gave himself one last indulgence to look upon his mistress. 

She looked back at him with a small winsome smile before her back straightened and the expression melted from her features. Head whipping to look ahead, she inhaled in a stifled gasp. 

Kristoff followed her line of sight.

A black haired young man, elegant clothes in boyish disarray, strode through the steam towards her with the ease grace of a predator. His lean face spelled trouble from the arch of his eyebrow to the lazy quirk to his smile. Yet it was the light gray eyes that flashed a sinful promise to Kristoff’s mistress. The bold stranger broke with decorum and called out what surely must have been a pet name, “Juniper!”

Clenching his fist, Kristoff forced his narrowed gaze down. He judged the man as one of those arrogant well-born playboys who had created all the rules in society and broke them at will. The rest of the world were just pawns in their drama. 

Read the rest of the excerpt from a time when Kristoff Novak’s heart still beat.

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