Virtual Scavenger Hunt / Win A Gift

Can you complete this quest?

Summoning all Urban Fantasy/Paranormal book readers for a virtual scavenger hunt. Conjure your magic, shift into a super fan, and vamp out for this fandom-wide search. This challenge will require your knowledge of the urban fantasy genre and test your reading speed along with other skills. Will you take up this call to adventure?

How to Play:
– Enter your email at the hunt headquarters and then tackle the prompts before December 18th. Scroll down to find them.

– Post screencaps and pictures of your proof in one of the host facebook groups.

– The first to earn 8 points wins $15 Amazon gift ard and the first to earn all 24 points wins the title of superfan and a $25 Amazon gift card! Every participant receives a digital swag bag with free e-books, fun printables, and more.

Join the Hunt here.

Some of these prompts involve posting in reader groups. You can choose the host groups or other reader groups. Use the hashtag #UFquest 

1 Points
– Take a screencap of a book with 40+ year old protagonist
– Read a Book/Short Story Written by a Indie author
– Watch a TV Series or Movie adapted from a book
– Find and share a UF book trailer

2 Points
– Write a review for a UF book and post on Amazon/Goodreads
– Share a fact about your favorite obscure mythical creature/cryptid in a reader group & ask for any book recs about it
– Take a picture of the closest UF book to you and post it to a reader group
– Post about your favorite witches, vampires, or werewolves in a reader group

3 Points
– Read a UF Book set outside the US like in Latin America, Asia, or Africa
– Create Fanart/Fanfic of a Male Protagonist in UF (AI Generated is fine)
– Record a Tiktok/Livestream about your favorite book
– Make an online Shoutout for an author whose books you like and recommend your favorite book by them in a reader group or on your own social media.


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