About the Author

Sami Valentine is an urban fantasy writer who grew up in the desert and now wanders in search of wifi and coffee. 

Formerly a mild-mannered librarian, she had a quarter-life crisis and shook everything up. She started working in an LGBT homeless center, shaved some of her head, and got really into tarot. After realizing that her goal in life was to get out of her small town and she only made it 30 minutes up the highway, she filled a bag and left. That was a couple of years and a dozen countries ago.

Okay, enough of the third person official bio. 

Hi, I’m Sami and I wrote the Red Witch Chronicles and other books. When I am not writing, I’m most likely editing. I became a hermit in 2020 but instead of making sourdough bread, I retreated into a fantasy world and wrote it down. You can find the reading order for my series here.

Some of my joys include the feeling of excitement to travel somewhere new, crafting soaps and candles while listening to a podcast, petting cats, and the desert after the rain. 

My inspirations are too many to list in a bio. Click here to find my inspiration boards, playlists, and more that inspires my creativity.

I’m on a few social media platforms, but I mostly keep my weirdness to Facebook and Pinterest. Follow me by clicking the logos below if you want to stay updated on my work.

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