Newsletter #11: Go Behind the Author Bio

You know how people don’t like to put all the cards on the table when they first meet? Well, let’s get real, kids! Here is the good, the bad, and the weird about me…

I lack a robust brain to mouth filter.
My astrology is Leo and Capricorn so I am full of myself while also being aware of my many, many flaws.
I’ve never seen Avatar, Breaking Bad, and only got to the Mad Men episode in the first season when that white-haired dude ate a lot of oysters and hurled.
I make snap judgments on fools or fool ideas. Sometimes they are too snappy.
I would nearly always rather be writing.
I get bored by normies really easily. Weirdos or GTFO
I have had to fight off two dog packs in my life so don’t start shit.
I am also sensitive and dramatic so if my feelings are hurt, expect me to cling to the walls like a Victorian orphan forced to marry a rich miser to avoid the poorhouse.