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In the dark underworld, Red is a witch trained as a supernatural bounty hunter, where she came from is a mystery even to herself. The plot thickens as she comes up against vampire conspiracies, doppelganger mysteries, shady warlocks, modern alchemists, greedy werewolves, and more supernatural weirdness. She needs to keep her wits sharp. And her stake sharper. Or she’ll die before she even learns her real name…

Sink your fangs into a gritty urban fantasy series containing complicated protagonists, swearing, violence, and romantic subplots. This fast-paced, character-driven supernatural thriller is best paired with red wine and enjoyed in long doses.

The Red Witch Chronicles Chronological Reading Order

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The Blurbs

Down & Out Witch

A witch on a bounty. A werewolf out for revenge. Their clash will wake the dead across the plains.

When the supernatural comes sweepin’ down the plains…

Red thought the money was good until she learned the job details. Then she wished she’d asked for more.

Armed with sarcasm and silver bullets, Red has 72 hours to hunt down a homicidal werewolf.

Down and Out Witch is a prequel novelette of the Red Witch Chronicles but doesn’t need to be read first.

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A Witch Called Red

Red might not remember her enemies, but they remember her.

Taken in by a supernatural bounty hunter, Red spent the last year searching for her true identity. All she found were monsters to kill.

When a murdered model washes up on a lonely beach, she goes to Los Angeles to investigate. Instead of angels in the shadow of the Hollywood Sign, she only finds more bodies.

And vampires who know her better than she knows herself.

In a world where demons have souls, witches have amnesia, and humans are clueless about either, Red needs to keep her wits sharp and her stake sharper.

Or she’ll die before she even learns her real name.


A Witch Called Red is the first book of the Red Witch Chronicles.

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Long Witch Night

Lights, Camera, Poltergeist. A Hollywood dream becomes a nightmare.

Called to a movie set, Red investigates a haunting that threatens to turn a Christmas flick into a slasher film. Allied with a soulmancer, she has to save the Hollywood A-Listers from a phantom that wants souls instead of autographs.

Busting ghosts is easier than laying her own personal demons to rest. With a paralyzed mentor, a sexy vampire playing hard to get, and petrifying anxiety about her own mysterious origins, Red is struggling to find the holiday spirit.

Everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame in Los Angeles, Red has to find out who is willing to kill for it.

…Before the poltergeist takes her out first.

Long Witch Night is the second book of the Red Witch Chronicles.

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Witch Gone Viral

She saved a city, now she’s on trial.

Balancing supernatural politics, dating her sexy vampire coworker, and training for the hunter’s challenge, Red thought she had figured out life as an intern monster slayer in Los Angeles.

Until she receives a tribunal summons from the Blood Alliance.

The crime was breaking the Dark Veil, the punishment was death.

Red learns that no good deed goes unpunished in the underworld… if she can survive the lesson.

Witch Gone Viral is the third book of the Red Witch Chronicles.

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Witch on The Run

Red is used to being the hunter, now she is in the cross-hairs.

Red descends into the supernatural underbelly of Las Vegas to enroll in a magical academy. After leaving heartbreak in Los Angeles, she is ready to focus on her lessons. A new city comes with new problems when she befriends a teen orphan targeted by assassins. The mystery deepens behind the glitter of the Strip.

In the casino shadows, an killer waits with his claw on the trigger. Red is back in school, but the real test is surviving the semester.

Witch on the Run is the fourth book of the Red Witch Chronicles.

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Life took Red to unexpected places, death brought her home.

After finally discovering her real name, Red travels to investigate a seemingly idyllic small town with a big secret. She uncovers high school friends that introduce her to the woman she had been. The reunion is derailed when Kristoff comes to enforce order over the local vampires.

Then the bodies start piling up behind the white picket fences.

Red starts to fear that the reason you can never go home again is that, once you’re back, you can never leave… alive.

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