Newsletter #6: When Harry Met Sally… er, actually when Red Meets Lucas

“LA is crawling with vampires, not everyone plays nice like we do.”

Haven’t checked out A Witch Called Red yet? Click here for a sneak peek of the scene where Red meets the mysterious Lucas Crawford!

A Witch Called Red is dropping on Amazon on November 20th! I really want to ensure that my Fang Gang is ready with their ARC copies (and hopefully leave a review on Amazon :P) You still have time to get an advanced reader copy!

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll receive upcoming releases before everybody else;
  • You’ll get pictures of cute sloths, sexy vampires memes, and my enthusiastic appreciation.
Sample sloth baby! Don’t you want more sloth babies with your ebooks? Klaus from Vampire Diaries. I still need to catch up on the Originals. I appreciate my ARC readers like I appreciate Halloween. 

What are my hopes for my ARC crew?

  • Your firstborn;
  • Post an honest review on Amazon.

If you are interested in receiving advanced reader copies and reviewing my books, click here to apply!

I’d love to send you a copy of A Witch Called Red before it premieres!

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