Newsletter #1: Things that go bump in the dark

Do Humans Know About What Goes Bump In the Dark in the Red Witch-verse?
The general public? No, but some know more than they let on. See this snippet with a detective in Oregon.

She woke up to a parade of baffled social workers, curious nurses, and finally a detective. The bald detective in a suit rumpled from too much sitting, mustard stain on the lapel, held a notepad but his pen stopped moving after he studied the bite marks on her neck. His beady blue eyes blinked behind his glasses in recognition. Familiar like a sunset, Red recognized this old pattern from law enforcement- strange crimes with witnesses spouting fantastic tales ended up cold cases. The supernatural might have been a secret to most humans, but she didn’t need to know her real name to know that this cop had seen his fair share of the weird. He would believe her, even if he denied it, but he was just too close to retirement to chase shadows. 
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