Payback’s A Witch is OUT NOW!

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Red wanted a peaceful vacation. It lasts three days before evil ambushes her mountain cabin.

An old enemy returns to strike without mercy. He makes only one mistake. He should have double checked that she was dead.

She rises from the ashes for vengeance. Kristoff joins her global quest as tutor in mayhem. Obsessed, she’s committed to do what it takes even murder.

Will she lose herself before she finds her nemesis?

Payback’s A Witch is the 8th book of the Red Witch Chronicles, a gritty urban fantasy series containing thrilling plots, complicated characters, and magical mayhem along with swearing, paranormal violence, and some sexual situations.

Amanda Fleet Interview

Amanda Fleet is a physiologist by training and a writer at heart. She spent 18 years teaching science and medicine undergraduates at St Andrews University,

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