Newsletter #12: Give Your Kindle Some Christmas Cheer!

The sequel to A Witch Called Red has dropped!

Long Witch Night was supposed to be a short story. I had gotten a scholarship to the Creativindie Castle and I wanted to start something new. I took the role of resident night owl of the writing retreat group. I like to write outside even if I have to wrap up in a blanket. On the chateau’s patio (above), bats would fly overhead as I typed a ghost story. It outgrew its outline and twisted into dimensions that I couldn’t have guessed!

As you are reading, keep your eyes peeled for a scene set in a castle that looks very much like it!

Long Witch Night is a Christmas book in the same way that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. At the core, it’s a ghost story. The ghosts that haunt the night and the ghosts that haunt our hearts.

I really hope that you enjoy this novel!

Small Town Witch out now!

“Life took Red to unexpected places, death brought her home.” Small Town Witch is the fifth book of the Red Witch Chronicles , a gritty urban fantasy

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Alex Gates Interview

Alex lives, according to his wife, in LaLaLand. It’s a land full of heroes and demons and magic. Sometimes his world spills into our world. 

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