Newsletter #12: Give Your Kindle Some Christmas Cheer!

The sequel to A Witch Called Red has dropped!

Long Witch Night was supposed to be a short story. I had gotten a scholarship to the Creativindie Castle and I wanted to start something new. I took the role of resident night owl of the writing retreat group. I like to write outside even if I have to wrap up in a blanket. On the chateau’s patio (above), bats would fly overhead as I typed a ghost story. It outgrew its outline and twisted into dimensions that I couldn’t have guessed!

As you are reading, keep your eyes peeled for a scene set in a castle that looks very much like it!

Long Witch Night is a Christmas book in the same way that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. At the core, it’s a ghost story. The ghosts that haunt the night and the ghosts that haunt our hearts.

I really hope that you enjoy this novel!

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