Newsletter #9: Who is Juniper St. James?

After digging into A Witch Called Red (if you haven’t read the full book, a sample came with your download of Down & Out Witch), you know the big question in Red’s mind- who is Juniper St. James and why does everyone think they are doppelgangers?

Juniper’s story will be told in a future book The Vampire’s Courtesan (coming soon in 2020). In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek!

The year is 1899, the place is Prague, and a young banker has a meeting with a mysterious American widow from a most unusually mysterious family.

Read the full excerpt here.

What do you think is up with this mysterious widow who captured the hearts of both Lucas Crawford and Kristoff Novak nearly a hundred years before? 

Writers for the Navajo Nation Covid Relief Fund

For the last few weeks, I have been gathering together writers to promote the Navajo Nation’s Covid-19 relief fund. We got thousands of views, 100+ shares, and both dollars and masks donated to the cause! I have collected 30+ books from these authors to spotlight below

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