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Where do I get my ideas?

I've collected the music, books, visuals, and more that inspire my writing below.

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Much of my inspiration comes from my travels. I have lived and traveled to Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico,  and Portugal in the last few years. 

Growing up in a small town, I never imagined that I could see so much of this big planet. I have had some amazing times like dancing in the streets of Lisbon in the open-air parties of the St. Antonio, stayed in a French castle on a writing retreat scholarship, or experiencing the British Museum for the first time. And the amazing people that I have met… It’s been a delight and I have grown through their company. 

Yet, I will say that the travel Instagrams don’t tell the full story. #nofliter

I have picked up a few stomach bacterial parasites which led to my mother telling people that I got worms (I DID NOT have worms). Then there was the time that I had to fight off a feral dog pack in Morocco. Oh, or the time that I missed a flight in Munich at midnight and had to rush to find a bus to make a morning flight in Copenhagen with only one day left on my EU visa.

Its all been inspiring for sure!


Some of my travels will make it into my books. You will notice Lisbon and Prague in my upcoming prequel series on Juniper St. James. In the Red Witch Chronicles, you will notice that Los Angeles and Oklahoma are prominent settings as is Las Vegas and Portland in future books. These are all places that I have gone on road trips too. 

Travel is a big part of my life and creativity. I hope that you enjoyed this peek into my world. You can see some more highlights in this post on my Facebook page.

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