Where do I get my ideas?

I’m doing the hermit life thing, as per usual. I did rewatch my favorite nature documentary which is the Walking With Dinosaurs series. What can I say? Dinosaurs are super cool. If you haven’t seen it, its worth a watch even if the graphics have dated a bit since 1999. It all holds up.I love narrator especially the moments where he sounds a bit like he’s on a true-crime show.”She was brilliantly adapted… to killing.”

In other news, I sent out a survey earlier this month about the newsletter and most people chose to have either weekly or bi-weekly. I will split the difference and send out a letter every 10-12 days. I really appreciated everyone’s comments in the survey!I also wanted to answer a question that I got….
Where do I get my ideas?
Magic and hope. Just joking. I am a big world builder and idea hoarder.  have a whole universe notebook where I kept ideas. I also sporadically get character ideas and I save them until I need them. This verse notebook has a lot of characters. The Red Witch Chronicles is just the tip of the iceberg in the my world. I have some other heroes and heroines in other realms of this universe who are just begging for their stories to be told. Some might cross over and met Red before getting their own stories.I plan out some things but I also feel like I am always just getting a flash of understanding. My process between books can be different but in general, I get a  better understanding of the characters when I start writing them. I want to be an outliner so badly but I have some discovery writer traits. Watch the full 8 minute video for the full skinny on my idea process.
Sound Off: Who does Lucas look like?

Kat, a reader from Austria, just told me that she pictures Lucas as looking like Kraven from Underworld. I can see it for sure.I have also gotten James Marsters with dark hair and Reeve Carney. Who do you picture for Lucas when you are reading the Red Witch Chronicles? Comment on my FB post and let me know!

Egyptian beliefs and the mummification procedures they developed, gave rise to chemical knowledge and a goal of immortality…What am I researching now? Alchemy! The science of secrets and born in the earth soil of ancient Egypt was the foremother of modern chemistry. Alchemy was also independently developed in ancient India and China. Alchemists were crafty and used symbols more often than not which makes trying their recipes more challenging than the average potion. These alchemists were after more than gold and immortality. Some like John of Rupescissa in 1310 who strove to use alchemy against the Antichrist. He accidentally invented medicinal alcohol along the way. Good work, John.

It would be spoilers to tell you more about how alchemists will play into the 4th installment of the Red Witch Chronicles.

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