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Instead of April Fools, I am more interested in spooky aesthetic this spring. Anyone else dreaming of Halloween? If you are, scroll down to find witchiness and pretty character graphics to enjoy.

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I’ve felt very crafty lately. I created a few mockup book covers for a work in progress (too rough for the public) and some Red Witch Chronicles character art (scroll down for that). I also made some soap for my grandpa.


Bitches be Witches by Starbenders

“Please don’t hate me baby That’s just how the devil made me”

My fashion inspiration board for my urban fantasy writing.

The existence of Stevie Nicks & Rumors

Character Call

Over 7+ books, Red meets a lot of interesting hunters, demons, vampires, etc. Scroll through this character gallery to discover a few heavy hitters in the series.

Reads to Sink Your Fangs Into

A Witch Called Red Sample

Chapter One August 3rd, Afternoon, the Sacred Heart Hospital, Eugene, Oregon – A Year and a Half Ago BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Blinking sleep-crusted eyes, the

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Prison Witch Sneak Peak

December 21, Evening London, England Red trudged into a rainy London alley. Two stern men in brown suits gripped her elbows as if still worried

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