I ran away & January Sale

Hi, how are you?

I finished book 7 and 8 then I got a wild hair and ran off. This happens sometimes. 

Much like Vic, I’ve lived out of a backpack before.

In 2017, I went to Brazil with $500 in the bank, $10k in debt, and one stable freelance client. I told my friends that I’d be gone for a summer, but I didn’t come back until the pandemic. I am self employed as a remote freelancer/side hustler/drifter with a laptop so I can take my work (and look for work) anywhere. Writing, web/graphic design, consulting, virtual assistance, public speaking, and more. I’m a many-trick pony.  

I’m blessed to live near the great country of Mexico so I jumped the border to find a small beach town. The full moon drew me to the water. I had fun doing tarot readings for German tourists. 

Yes, dear reader, I am a hippie dippy weirdo wanderer. In case you haven’t noticed. Scroll to see some pictures.

FYI, You have until Friday to pick up books 1-5 for $1.99 each. I dont usually do a full series sale like this so pick up the books that youve missed out on . :) 

Its November already?

Its November already? My month has been wild but I am looking forward to the holidays. I’m excited because I have a new nephew. He

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