Newsletter #16: She Thought She Didn’t Need Magic… Then Someone Started Stealing Souls in LA

Witch Gone Viral is Out!

Someone is stealing souls in Los Angeles… how our story begins…

Stalking through the alley and gripping her stake, Red scanned the flat roofs. Security lights wrecked her night vision. All she saw were shifting shadows caused by the distant street traffic. She felt the predator even if she didn’t see him.

The glitter and smog of Los Angeles obscured the thin crescent moon. Car honks echoed between the one-story buildings. Bland like stale cake and the same color, the offices housed accountants and notaries unknowing of what crept out after dark. Red tried to push out the background noise to focus on the silent one who hunted her.

If I just turned on my third eye and used my spirit gaze… Red quashed the thought. She was a hunter. She didn’t need magic to fight.

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Devil in the Borderlands

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