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November 24th, After Sunset, Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California
  Los Angeles shimmered in the valley below as Red half ran, half skidded down Mount Lee.

The back of the Hollywood Sign loomed less than a quarter mile to her right. She slid on loose dirt, forced into a sprint. Soon enough she could spy the front of the unlit giant letters. They were trying to push her off the path to the H.

Breath catching in her side, she dodged rocks and ATV tracks dappled by moonlight to zigzag up the hill. She felt as if she were trying to outrun her own shadow.

The thump of boots echoed behind her. Stabbing the first oracle guardian hadn’t scared off his friends. If she had the energy, she would have cursed her luck. She stumbled on leaden legs. Sharp pebbles cut into her palm as she caught herself slipping on the steep decline. If she fell here, no one would know to look for her. Not after sneaking out this morning.

Red couldn’t run anymore. Pulling out an iron dagger, she gritted her teeth. She just hoped that Vic and Lucas would forgive her…

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