NewsLetter #4

Inspiration behind the Red Witch Chronicles

Every author has different sources of inspiration. Historical authors might have kept their inspiration remembered in a journal, modern authors like me keep a pinterest. Check out some of the inspirations for people, events, places, and more in the Red Witch verse.

“A great introduction to the series!” – Bookbub

Bloody Histories…

Lucas Crawford and Quinn Byrnes now defend the innocent of Los Angeles. Delilah masquerades as the owner of a modeling agency and Justine is… well, you’ll see…

This is a glimpse at a bloody past of these vampires who were the first to be cursed with souls. Red knows them as souled vampires in the modern age. This is used they used to be- The Bloody Byrnes.

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Reads to Sink Your Fangs Into

Book One of the Spirit Walker Series

Adi is fighting for her life.

As if deadlines and exams weren’t bad enough, now her nightmares are spilling over into her college life.

She has to stop the hallucinations before they get her expelled. But when her dreams start coming true, she’s desperate to find answers, before she goes insane.

Honi is the last of the spirit walkers, able to traverse the human and spirit world. He’s given up on love, until he meets the woman who is going to change everything. Only problem is she can’t stand being near him.

If only he can convince her she’s one of them before it’s too late, and the spirit realm destroys the human world.

Small Town Witch out now!

“Life took Red to unexpected places, death brought her home.” Small Town Witch is the fifth book of the Red Witch Chronicles , a gritty urban fantasy

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