Promo Instructions/Best Practices

Heya, Sami here. If you are in one of my promos, scroll to the bottom to find social media graphics and copywriting. Don’t forget to join my group Pinterest board and add your Urban Fantasy books.

Get your promo on with these resources!

Group giveaways, cross-promotion, and collaborative marketing are the most cost-efficient ways for an author to build their visibility and mailing list… if they are done in good faith by all participants. What does this mean? It’s a simple DO and DON’T.

  • DO: Share to your mailing list and social media with the promo picture, suggested copywriting, and tracking link which can be found in your promo profile on Bookfunnel/ProlificWorks/StoryOrigin.
  • DON’T: Slap a bare link on a dusty corner of your website that gets 0 traffic.

I try to make this easy for group cross-promo participants by creating two sharable graphics and copywriting. Scroll down the page for my current promos and giveaways.

Even if you don’t have a large mailing list or social media following, a good faith effort to spread the word is required. You can use hashtags and keywords to boost the signal even without a lot of followers. A good rule of thumb is to use fewer hashtags on Twitter (1-3) while using more on Instagram (6-9). Hashtags are irrelevant on Facebook. If you are confused, I have a few examples and resources to help you out. I am not an expert but you can get a rough idea of what you can do.

Suggested Hashtags

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Suggested Resources

Note: I don’t recommend being EVERYWHERE, just go where your target readers hang out. To use a silly example, a YA writer shouldn’t be advertising on LinkedIn.


Don’t forget to join my group Pinterest board and add your Urban Fantasy books.

This standard Urban Fantasy graphic can be used for all my giveaways.

Suggested Copywriting:
They aren’t damsels in distress. Vampire assassins, werewolf hunters, and supernatural women just trying to make it in a modern moonlit world- these are the badass women of urban fantasy.

Suggested Copywriting:
Everyone has a story, but some are only told in the darkness.
Magic bounty hunters, vampires with a night job, werewolves on the subway: the urban fantasy cityscape takes all kinds of supernaturals. These books tell the stories of long nights spent in dark places.
a city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time.

Suggested Copywriting:
In mythology, you should never invite a vampire into your home. One false move, one stretch of the neck, and you could find yourself prey. The thrill is in the danger. Seductive, dangerous, and good to the last drop- these are the books for vampire fans.

Instagram/FB graphic
Suggested Copywriting:
During the longest and coldest nights of the year since time immemorial, humans have gathered around the light to keep out the chilly darkness. This giveaway features urban fantasy, horror, supernatural, paranormal and dark romance to keep you reading until the cold breaks and the long dark winter is over.

Instagram/FB graphic

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