The World of the Red Witch Chronicles

This is a world much like our own except that vampires, witches, and more spooky boogymen-types are real. The demonic types in the RWC-verse keep it all on the down-low or behind the Dark Veil as the vampires say.There is a Monster Mash of supernatural creatures: demons, alchemists, Rakshas, poltergeists, and more. These are modern monsters. You can find an ice-dwarf with a gym membership or an incubus on Tinder. Much like us humans, they still have to answer to higher and darker authorities.Scroll below to read more about the world and get some insights into the inspiration behind some of the settings in the book.📷


This is the global authority for vampires. After the chaos of the August Harvest when nearly a third of vampires around the world were cursed with souls, the ancient bloodlines were broken. The Blood Alliance formed in late 1940s-1950s to unify vampires, souled and unsouled.Every two years, the Blood Alliance holds a Summit in a different city around the world. A Witch Called Red begins when the Blood Alliance comes to LA.📷


Scholars of the paranormal and mentors to the champions of humanity- usually supernaturally powered young adults. They provide information to and collaborate with hunters like Red by offering bounties and access to the Bard Net database full of the real scoop on demons. They are commonly known as the Bards. Vic Constantine is an example of a bard that was trained in the London university.The Brotherhood of Bards and Heroes had a storied history that claimed Chiron, the mentor of Hercules and Jason, as the first Bard and that the library of Alexandria was their first and most magnificent library. It was after it burned that the Brotherhood ruled to always keep its collection divided.📷


This mysterious organization presents itself as a bank to the human world, but its Special Accounts department does more than safeguard the investments of their supernatural clientele. Red learns of a mysterious inheritance held by the bank early in A Witch Called Red. Centuries-old, cloaked in shadows, Smith and Reaper has offices all over the world. Their vaults hold more than one surprise.📷


I have some relatives in LA so I have visited off and on for years. I like the city even if the airport is the worst and I don’t understand how so many donut shops and gyms ended up right next to each other.My last trip was for a conference and there was a huge wildfire close enough to Culver City that ash was falling in the conference courtyard.It’s a weird place, but the whole region is strange. This picture is from a SoCal road trip wherein I visited East Jesus, the Salton Sea, Palm Springs, and more. You’ll see some of these strange locales in the third book, Witch Gone Viral.📷


Prague features prominently in the canon of the Red Witch Chronicles.I was inspired by this city when I first visited it in 2017 and got the pleasure of exploring it for a month. The Prague of the Red Witch Chronicles is where alchemists rule, vampires battle, and Kristoff Novak was turned. Prague of the modern age is a lovely city with a surprising number of great vegan places. I am not a vegan but I was dating one at the time so essentially, I was a de facto vegan. Oddly enough, I got the idea and first scribbles for the blood-drenched Red Witch Chronicles while living the carrot life.

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A Witch Called Red – Book 1

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