Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Readers'

\\ Virtual Scavenger Hunt


Can you complete this quest?

Summoning all Urban Fantasy/Paranormal book readers for a virtual scavenger hunt. Conjure your magic, shift into a super fan, and vamp out for this fandom-wide search to win! This challenge will require your knowledge of the urban fantasy genre and test your reading speed along with other skills. Will you take up this call to adventure?

How to Win

Prize: a $15 Amazon gift card and digital goodies from today’s rising urban fantasy/ paranormal writers

Every participant receives a digital swag bag with free e-books, fun printables, and more.




Tackle the scavenger hunt prompts before December 18th.

Post screencaps and pictures of your proof in one of the host facebook groups.

The first to earn 8 points and the first to earn all 24 points wins the title of superfan and the prize!

The hunt lasts FOR...
This scavenger hunt has finished.

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Scavenger Hunt Sponsored by Sami Valentine, Author.