Newsletter #7: Bubble Tea + Toil and Trouble (KU recs & giveaways) 📗

Blood Type: Tea Positive

I’m still resentful that Halloween is over. I like to keep the spooky spirit of the season alive by being autumn AF. A big part of this is ensuring that I always have some hot steamy beverage by my keyboard. Writing is a thirsty business, after all.

I also like to be dramatic so instead of simply making tea, I like to imagine that I am creating a potion. I do the same when I am making soup. Here are some witchy fun tea recipes by the kitchen witch.

Protection & Cleansing Tea

  • 1 pt bergamot
  • 1 pt black tea
  • 1 squeeze of lemon

(Lazy witch favorite: this is essentially just earl grey tea with lemon)

Love Drawing Tea

  • 1 pt hibiscus
  • 1 pt ginger
  • 1 pt ginseng

Quick Luck

  • 1 pt orange peel
  • 1 pt rose hips
  • 1 pt chamomile
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