Newsletter #3: Black Scorpions, Castle Ruins, and French Wine. 🦂🏰🍷 (+ GIVEAWAYS, YA’LL)

Scenes from a Writing Retreat

Winning a scholarship to the Creativindie Castle Writing Retreat has been a game-changer for me. I am back home in Arizona and its still mind-boggling that I spent three weeks chilling in a castle with other authors focusing solely on my writing. 

I have traveled to over a dozen countries so far in my two-year nomadic whirlwind but nothing has come close to waking up in a castle. 

I wrote on Facebook that I didn’t know if I could go back to peasant life outside the castle. I am still adjusting. LOL ;p

Castle life in the south of France.

The village festival in St. Michel de Boulogne at the old church

Fun facts:

🏰This castle is in partial ruins and was owned by the Lestrange family.

🏰There are many more scorpions in France than expected. 🦂 the spiders are fighting back. 🕷

🏰 Gargoyles are only called gargoyles if they have a rain spout. Otherwise, they are called grotesques.

Check out more of my pictures on my Facebook author page and let me know what you think of the Lestrange family ruins.  Bonus: Pictures of Jean Claude Van Cat: the castle kitty!

Reads to Sink Your Fangs Into

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